Dec 312009

Although it could seem an oxymore, sort something in randomic order might be usefl sometimes.

Give a look to the script below, which I’m writing here for future reference.

# This script creates a list of file or symbolic link to pictures in a directory
# The pictures are dynamically selected within a library of thousands
# This is to allow a wireless frame to display daily an ever changing list
# of pictures

# Define variable to be the target directory where we put the link/pictures
# This directory is regularly scanned by MediaTomb, the uPnP server talking to
# the digital frame

# Define variable to be the root directory where it will start to scan

# Clean previous contents of the directory used for streaming
cd /var/streampix
rm -rf *

# Define cycle to set the max number of photos to be displayed
# (like from 1 to 50 repeat)
for i in `seq 1 50`

# list the dir, pick a random file, add to the list
y="$(find $scandir -type f -iregex ‘.*\.\(bmp\|gif\|jpg\|png\)$’ | sort -R | head -1)"
cp "$y" /var/streampix/


Nov 292009

I don’t consider myself a script guru, but sometimes I like to create small pieces of bash code to ease operations on my linux box… and I guess it’s good idea to note here some of the recent solutions I’ve found for later remembering.

I’ll try to comment them, so that readers will be able to readapt them to their needs.

Need: I have a list of files in subdirectories under main one and I want to copy only some of them to new location. I have the list of files I need in a text file.

DIR=root # Location where the list I want to extract is located
FILE=wantedlist # with the name of the file
DIR_VIDEO=”/media/bigdisk” # Master repository containing iles in subdirectories
COPY_DEST=”/media/externalHDD/backup” # where I want to put my files
y=`cat /$DIR/$FILE|wc -l` # counting how many files I want to copy
for i in `seq 1 $y` # starting the cycle
# I’ll copy file mentioned in every line in the text list in new location
cp -R /$DIR_VIDEO/”`cat /$DIR/$FILE | tail -$i|head -1`” $COPY_DEST

Please note the usage of head and tail to go line by line in reverse order ;), while the cycle allows me to repeat this for each line in the text list.

y=`cat /$DIR/$FILE|wc -l`
for i in `seq 1 $y`
cp -R /$DIR_VIDEO/”`cat /$DIR/$FILE | tail -$i|head -1`” $COPY_DEST
Mar 212009

Made this small script for this purpose…

# Script to check a directory and write in file the new files
# since last check.
# Written by RoarinPenguin ( on
21 march 2009
# Released under GPL License
# You need to create a file called lastcheck.time in same
# directory of this script

ADMIN="change to administrator email address"

> ./newfiles.list
echo "Last check for new files, done on "`date` >> ./newfiles.list
find $DIR2MON -maxdepth 5 -newer ./lastcheck.time >> ./newfiles.list
touch ./lastcheck.time