Nov 042013

Few months ago I bought a tool which is just… plain… incredible.
It’s a tiny cheap piece of hardware that will unleash your creativity in a way that I never thought possible.
With a funny name: Makey Makey
The original invention comes from a very special place: MIT, Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
It’s hard to describe or even try to give makey makey a classification.
Basically it is a board able to transform anything into a… sort of keyboard!
And mouse clicks.
One video speaks one thousand words: look at my son!

[youtuber youtube=’’]

Warning! Once you own a makey makey you are in a tunnel, full of infinite possibilities!

If you wanna scratch the surface of what’s possible with this, check out this TED talk about it.

Are you a happy owner of a Makey Makey? Share your happiness using the comments of this blog!

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