Sep 032008

I just learnt something cool to finetune a WiFi net and before I forget, it’s better to take note as usual.

It has to do with channels and frequencies and issue at home was that my WiFi was not performing as I was expecting.

It was configured to run on channel 8, since I’ve noticed that many of the others in range were running on channel 11.

Problem is that over the 11 (sometimes 13) channels available for a WiFi, only three are ortogonal, that means only three are not overlapping at all: 1, 6 and 11.

All others involve the risk of a minimum overlapping thus performance drop could happen.

I reconfigured the channel to be 1 and b-b-b-b-booom!

WiFi is going perfectly at full speed even from low power devices like iPod or Nokia WiFi phone.


And I used a cool and easy software to detect different WiFi details: it is called WirelessNetView and is freely downloadable from

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