Oct 142014

With a decent approximation, it is now well over 30 years that I use keyboard.

And there have been oh so many times I’ve cursed the difficulty to reproduce accented characters on US keyboards, forcing the user to find alternative ways like to write the accented vowel followed by an apostrophe (for example, a’ instead of à)… not correct, but still understandable.

Until today when my colleague SerKill (yes, that is his nickname) revealed to me the existence of US International Keyboard layout.

If you configure your laptop to use it (on a Mac, it is System Preferences – Keyboard – Input Sources…), when you want to make an accented vowel letter you simply press first the accent and then the letter.

The accent key you have to press depends if you want to have acute or grave accented vowel as shown in the keyboard layout below:

It is true that you never stop learning…

Thanks, SerKill!