Jun 292010

I’ve been recently fashioned by Zeroshell project, a very well documented project run by an italian guy who made a splendid job.

I tried to set it up on a VIA based appliance with Intel 1 Ghz processor and 1 Gb RAM, using 1 Gb Compact Flash and the image provided in download section of Zeroshell web site.

Everything went smooth, except that when I booted the appliance the BIOS information was displayed correctly, but as soon as Zeroshell boot started I saw crappy characters on screen.

After some investigation and some good hints from a friend, I found where the problem was and, as usual, here’s a tech note to avoid again this investigation in the future.

The issue was that appliance BIOS was set to redirect console to serial port with settings normally in use: 9600 bps, 8N1

…while Zeroshell defaults in its boot to more performing (but also less “default”) 38400.

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