Jul 042009

Yesterday I found a very handy functionality in Putty: tunneling apps in SSH.

Not that I did not know that this technique exist 😉 but for the first time I tried it and worked out of the box.

The idea is to enable tunneling of insecure applications inside an established and authenticated SSH encrypted session, using Putty as a client.

Scenario in my case is that I have few web based appliances at home acting as a media center, a NAS, etc… each of them being manageable by a web based interface on various ports.

I could certainly open destination PAT on my router, but it would increase the risk… and I don’t trust level of security implemented in such systems.

Therefore I’ve done something represented in picture below

ssh tunnel

How to configure it in Putty? Well, when you launch the session to connect to SSHD Server, check in SSH options – Tunnels.

There you find the chance to add the port forwarding parameters to be set as follows:



Mar 312008

Situation is that I have several (10+) preconfigured sessions in Putty and I need to save them should I need to change PC or reinstall it.

Sessions parameters are stored in Windows Registry under path:


To export settings to a file use command: regedit /e <filename>.reg HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\SimonTatham\PuTTY\Sessions

To import settings use command: regedit /s <filename>.reg

Also, you might want to save PUTTY.RND, by default sitting in your home directory.