Jan 162010

Let’s start this new year by referencing an excellent system I happened to find on the Internet to perform uPnP server functionality on my Linux system.

The name of the thing is LLink and although I haven’t exploited at full yet, it looks VERY promising.

Some features:

  • Parses various video containers: vob, avi, ts, mkv, tp, mov, m2ts, evo.
  • Streams any file type the NMT player can handle: mp3, flac, jpeg, png etc.
  • Can play straight from rar files: no more need to unrar your media. (Comes with special unrar-3.7.8-seek.)
  • SSDP / UPnP discovery support (although minimal).
  • Skin support: make your own html templates or choose from pre-built.
  • Simple iMDb querying to look up media information for Jukebox skins.
  • Both HD and SD skins available.
  • Light, tiny and clean code for Unix, OsX and Windows.
  • Paginating: support to send listings in pages, with tags for Next/Prev.
  • PlayAll cgi tag, and PlayAllFrom.
  • External subtitles: subtitle files can be consolidated in one directory.
  • libdvdnav support (and libdvdcss): provides basic playback of DVD .iso and .img files and from DVD drives.
  • UDF 2.50 BD5-ISO support: provides basic playback of Bluray and HD-DVD.

Got interested? You can find more here.

Apr 222008

Running vmware-config-tools.pl script on a guest CentOS 5.1 virtual machine in a VMWare Server 1.0.5 environment will not find the proper kernel modules, so it will prompt you to compile the modules.

To do this you need a compiling environment (namely gcc) and the C kernel headers installed.

If your machine is connected to the Internet, this is easily solved by invoking the following commands:

<prompt># yum install gcc (about 8+ Mb)

<prompt> yum install kernel-devel (about 4.7 Mb)